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Alison Ratner, LCSW, Atlanta, GA

Alison Ratner, LCSW is a child and adolescent therapist practicing in Atlanta, GA. She provides individual, family, and group therapy in a private practice and leads social skills group therapy at various schools around metro Atlanta. Alison’s approach is unique, thoughtful, and individualized for the clients she works with. Her work focuses on including both children and their parents in the therapeutic process to help bring about positive change and to encourage open communication. She looks forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Services Alison provides:

•Individual therapy
•Family therapy
•Sibling therapy
•Group Therapy and Social Skills Group Therapy
•Parenting, coaching and support
•Contract social skills groups for schools
•Social skills workshops for schools and professionals
•Parent workshops

Children and parents find Alison’s office to be unique, warm, and welcoming. With it’s bright colors, it’s infinite amount of games, and a creative spot for arts and crafts, Alison’s office is a great space to learn and grow.

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